Streptococci and Robins

I stayed home from school today not because I was feeling sick (in fact I feel fine), but because I’m contagious and don’t want to give strep throat to anyone else. I think this is the best kind of “being sick” – feeling wonderful and missing school anyway!

I must admit I’ve been quite lazy today. I’ve mainly been sitting on the couch in our family room, and every single time I look out the window the same robin is taking a bath in our birdbath. It just sits there, splashing water all over its body. It looks so funny – and so cute! I’m looking at it right now, and it’s making such a mess, splashing water everywhere. Once it’s done, it flies up to a tree and shakes itself dry. It looks like a puffball. And then, after it’s dry, it flies back down and starts bathing again!

I wonder what it would be like to be a robin. It would be interesting, wouldn’t it? It could make a good story – writing from a robin’s point of view. I’m inclined to try it. It’s always interesting to look at something from a different perspective. Sometimes I feel that if everyone in the world could learn to do that, then a lot of problems might be solved. Many arguments could easily be avoided, and people might not be in a hurry to pass judgments.

Next time you see a robin, try to imagine what it’s thinking!

11 thoughts on “Streptococci and Robins

  1. Talking about different perspectives- how do you think a trumpet feels, constantly having air blown through it? Never a monments rest from the feeling of “bloatedness”!! That would be an interesting concept- the audience clapping and praising the musician, while the trumpet goes “yea yea yea… you don’t know how I feel”….

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