How Rainy Days Should Be Spent


Since I have now missed a total of four days of school, am sick, and have no hope of ever catching up on all that I have missed, I figured I might as well do something useful by updating my blog. Besides, I don’t want another month to slip by without any updates!


Since it rained yesterday during our field trip in gym and I spent a lot of time standing in the rain and freezing (which might have been the cause of my being sick today), I decided to do a post on how rainy days should be spent. (This does NOT include freezing to death in a tent with a hole at the top.)

The Elements of a Perfect Rainy Day:

1) A heavy blanket or comforter.

2) A fireplace with a blazing, toasty fire happily dancing away.

3) A cup of tea, hot chocolate, or something of the sort. (A bowl of hot soup is fine.)

4) A good book (comic books work too, especially Calvin and Hobbes).

5) A window, so you can gaze romantically out of it at the furious delugeĀ outside.

6) A pair of thick woolen socks.

7) A friend to share the experience with.

8 ) And finally, a door, so that when the deluge is over, you can step outside and smell that lovely damp fragrance that lingers in the air after it has rained. (And so that you can watch the rainbow.)


Of course, this is mainly for those cold autumn or winter days. On rainy spring or summer days, when it’s warm outside, it can be nice to dance in the rain. šŸ™‚


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