The Absence of Time

Yikes. I realize I haven’t updated my blog in a month, and I apologize for that. But this also gives me a chance to talk about something that seems to affect all of us- and that’s the idea of not having enough time.

It’s actually quite sad. I was talking to someone about it today, in fact. Sometimes, life just feels so… routine. Each day you get up and do the same thing over and over again. You study like heck for a test; after you take it you start studying for the next test. And so… time is measured by tests? Before you know it there’s no time at all. A month has passed. It’s crazy.

With no time to do what you want to do in life, with no time to follow and live up to what you’re truly passionate about, how are you supposed to live? Because if you think about it… you’ve only got one life. Why spend it doing the same things over and over again, the same things that you don’t even like?

Of course, if you’re still in school, like me, you don’t really have a choice. Your future kind of depends on your education, so you have to do your best and work hard in school; ¬†you have to be good and get good grades.

But let’s say you’re working super hard so that you can become a doctor. But… you don’t really want to be one. In fact, let’s go further than that- let’s say you HATE anything to do with medicine. Or you’re an engineer who HATES math. Why do it? Why torture yourself with the only life you’ve got?

True, this isn’t a perfect world, and you don’t always get what you want. But when you have the choice… why not make the right one?

Even if you like your job, but you have a passion for something else, you have to do something about it. Let’s say you love playing the guitar. Do you have to become a famous guitarist? Heck no. But how great would it feel to take your guitar out maybe once a week and break that awful monotonous routine of life? Of getting out of bed and going to school or work?

I don’t know. Different people think in different ways. Maybe you don’t agree with any of this at all.

But I do know about myself, even if I don’t know about you. My passion (as you’ve probably guessed) is writing. And I intend to get my book published, no matter how much darn homework my teachers give.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” ~Charles Roberts Buxton

4 thoughts on “The Absence of Time

  1. exactly my feelings too, Sarrah. It’s important to go after your passion at an early age, because later on life gets in the way!!

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